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Our Community

In our Seven Stones Online Community we create learning journeys and provide training, thought leadership and resources for walking our talk together. You will learn what’s needed to imagine anew, go beyond what’s probable, invent what is possible and forge a path forward. We incubate new futures. And we do it while sharing ourselves honestly and we step over nothing.

What might this look like?

  • Courageous conversations on Equity, Power and Belonging.
  • Practicing the Seven Laws of Enough, together as a community.
  • Experiments in new ways to relate to Time, Money, and Relationships.
  • Innovative thought leadership on topics such as Communication,
  • Creation and Renewal.
  • Weekly live guided Mindfulness Meditation.
  • Retreats on Embodied Leadership.

Our Community is free for all to join and participate in. Occasionally, we will offer courses and workshops that ask for a monetary exchange, and we are committed to making these available to all. We will always have payment options and/or funds available through the Generosity Marketplace to help defray costs.

About Seven Stones Leadership

Our founders, Jen Cohen and Gina LaRoche

Seven Stones is a leadership journeys company founded in 2009 by Gina LaRoche and Jennifer Cohen. Our learning programs, coaching, organizational consulting and groundbreaking thought leadership are designed to help bring about a world that is loving, courageous and just. 

In the Seven Stones Community we do a few things:

First, we think systematically about the dominant culture of scarcity and excess that drives so much of our leadership agenda. We introduce the concept of Sufficiency as an antidote to scarcity, one which allows us to see powerfully access the resources and possibilities that are always abundantly present. 

Second, we introduce a holistic approach to transformation. We guide ourselves to deepen our capacity, cultivate agility and emotional range, and lead in turbulent times. 

Third, we emphasize the use of practices, experiments and inquiry as three primary gateways to developing new leadership capabilities.

The Seven Stones Community is a bold invitation to lifelong learning and to living, working and thriving in loving authenticity, cherishing all beings.